We have moved to Aalborg University. Our focus is Genomics and Precision Medicine. New email is nyegaard@hst.aau.dk

The focus of the Nyegaard group is the human genome. Using a combination of computational and experimental biology we are searching for genetic variation linked to human health and disease.

Special focus is on endometriosis and cardiovascular disease.

The goal is to pinpoint molecular subtypes and uncover underlying mechanisms in human diseases. During the last two decades work has been done on more than 20 different traits, leading to more than 100 publications.

Ongoing projects

FEMaLe - Finding endometriosis using maschine learning

This brand new project is funded by H2020. We are arranging kick-off meeting February 12th 2021.

Coordinator: Mette Nyegaard

Co-coordinator: Dorte Rytter

More information will follow soon.

THOR - a projoct funded by ODIN

Targeting smootH muscle cells for atherOsclerosis theRapy (THOR)

Heeart attacks, ischemic strokes and ischemia in the legs, and it is the leading cause of death and disability in the world. Drugs that can lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure are already available, but people are still struck by the disease, and further potentials for risk factor reduction are close to being exhausted.

It is therefore timely to look beyond traditional risk factor reduction and identify key disease mechanisms that can be targeted by drugs working orthogonally to existing therapies. Vascular smooth muscle cells are promising targets for such substances.

The aim of THOR is to drive the overwhelming number of newly identified risk genes into mechanistic insight about the important role of smooth muscle cells in development of coronary artery disease. This knowledge can be exploited for drug development to treat atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases.


  • Professor Jacob Fog Bentzon, Department of Clinical Medicine
  • Associate Professor Mette Nyegaard, Department of Biomedicine
  • Michael Nyberg, Novo Nordisk A/S

WE ARE HIRING https://www.linkedin.com/posts/mette-nyegaard-70388a5_we-are-hiring-please-share-activity-6757259237367320576-I-g1

Genetic basis of Parkinson's disease

In this collaborative project between Aarhus and Aalborg University we seek to go beyond GWAS by using small animal models turn genetic findings into molecular mechanistic insight. The project is funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation. Read mere here 

News from the biobank

The DAN Nicad 2 trial is now completed (dec 2020) with more than 10,000 samples collected.