Lab Members

Foto: Arense Gulbech Jensen

Current lab members

  • Mette Nyegaard, MSc, PhD (PI)
  • Anna Szyszka, PhD student (main supervisor)
  • Liesbeth Bieghs, PhD student, joint AU and Vrije University Brussel (main supervisor) (currently at VUB)
  • Marie Zöga Diederichsen, MD stud, Studentermedhjælper

Current co-supervision (for PhD students working in other groups)

  • Berit Lindum Waltoft, PhD student, NCRR-National Centre for Register-based Research (official co-supervisor).
  • Mia Cha Soon Steengaard Olesen, PhD student, Fertility Clinic Horsens (co-supervisor on molecular part of PhD project).
  • Morten Krogh Christiansen, PhD student, Aarhus University Hospital (co-supervising genetic and genotyping part of PhD project)
  • Marianne Nyegaard, PhD student, Murdoch University, Australia (co-supervisor on genetic part of PhD project).


  • Marie Zöga Diederichsen, MD Bachelor. 2015.
  • Johanne Steffensen, MD Bachelor. 2014.
  • Steffen Falgreen Larsen, PhD (co-supervisor). 2014
  • Kim Bergkvist, PhD (co-supervisor). 2014
  • Anja Pen, Master internships. 2013.
  • Ditte Thomsen, MD bachelor. 2013.
  • Anders Bildgaard, MD bachelor. 2013.
  • Sophie Bech Rasmussen, Master. 2009